Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Suiting up for Sushi

I deeply apologize for my lack of updates (it's been well over a month now!). No worries, as I've been "rollin' out in sweats" or jeans and a tee. The weather's been cold lately, so I haven't been out and about as much as during the warmer seasons! This will only be a quick update, as I will be updating more often.

On other news, I took a short trip to Los Angeles on Valentine's Day. Aside from the romantic dinner cliché, I had more fun getting dressed up than driving 4+ hours through traffic (on a weekday during peak hours!). I'm always amazed at how Jess from stylepint, Liane from petitexxs, my LA friends from college, and just anyone living there now are able to commute. It's overwhelming, but that's an understatement!

What I wore:

Blazer: Theory Gabe B in 00 (altered)
Tunic: Express Long and Lean V-Neck
Shoes: Nine West Suede pumps in 6M
Dog Tag: Emporio Armani

What my significant other wore:

Suit: Emporio Armani Josh line (altered)
Shirt: BR non-iron dress shirt
Shoes: Ecco New Jersey in black
Tie: Emporio Armani 100% silk

As much as I'd love to own an Italian-made designer suit, it's completely out of my price range! In addition, the smaller sizes are almost never on sale. *sigh* Judging by the pictures, the blazer appears looser on me than before. I just tried it on again and it is definitely less fitted! My weight hasn't changed, so I'm not sure why? As for the sushi at Haru Sushi and Roll Cafe, I believe the pictures below speak for themselves, don't you think so?

Yellowtail Carpaccio with Jalapeno

Fatty tuna (toro) sashimi

The Incredible Roll with seared salmon and tuna

Albacore Onion Mix

Japanese Sweet Pumpkin

Darn, now I'm craving sushi!