Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ruffles... Better late than never, I suppose!

If you've been following me on twitter, you might remember the short dinner/meet-up with Grace and Aubrey from the AlterationsNeeded Forum about a week ago. Over a week ago, the Ann Taylor chiffon ruffle shells were a hot item in the petite community, as seen on Jean, Kelly, and Annie. Grace snagged a couple extra shells and I was fortunate enough to buy one from her! I'm often late in following trends (I didn't start wearing skinny jeans until about two years ago?!) or hopping on bandwagons for awesome deals. I'm glad I didn't miss out on this one!

Blazer: Theory Gabe B in 00 (altered)
Shell: Ann Taylor Factory Ruffle Shell in Soft Pewter, in XXSP
Slacks: Express Stylist in 0 short (altered) from 2006
Shoes: Nine West Suede Pumps in 6M
Wallet: Gucci Continental
Belt: H&M

More shots:

Yep, these Express pants are the infamous "$50 in alterations" that I've told my friends and a few fellow bloggers. It's unfortunate that I never took pre-tailoring pictures, as I had gotten it tailored before I started my blog. ;/
I'm still an amateur in photography as well as posing, so please bear with me as I stand or stare awkwardly. I also apologize for the glare, shadows, and sun rays in all the shots. ^^;; As much as I like stalking petite fashion blogs (yep, I admit to it!), I'm trying to develop my own natural set of expressions, so please look forward to them! :]

On another note, I was tagged by the fashionably petite Jessy in this post to post a baby picture. All my childhood photos are stowed away in various boxes, all of which I'm unable to locate as most of the boxes are taped and left unmarked. However, I did manage a picture of my preschool graduation when I was 5 years old:

Surprisingly, my dimple on my right cheek (left in this picture) was much larger when I was younger! I never noticed that until now. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Suiting up for Sushi

I deeply apologize for my lack of updates (it's been well over a month now!). No worries, as I've been "rollin' out in sweats" or jeans and a tee. The weather's been cold lately, so I haven't been out and about as much as during the warmer seasons! This will only be a quick update, as I will be updating more often.

On other news, I took a short trip to Los Angeles on Valentine's Day. Aside from the romantic dinner cliché, I had more fun getting dressed up than driving 4+ hours through traffic (on a weekday during peak hours!). I'm always amazed at how Jess from stylepint, Liane from petitexxs, my LA friends from college, and just anyone living there now are able to commute. It's overwhelming, but that's an understatement!

What I wore:

Blazer: Theory Gabe B in 00 (altered)
Tunic: Express Long and Lean V-Neck
Shoes: Nine West Suede pumps in 6M
Dog Tag: Emporio Armani

What my significant other wore:

Suit: Emporio Armani Josh line (altered)
Shirt: BR non-iron dress shirt
Shoes: Ecco New Jersey in black
Tie: Emporio Armani 100% silk

As much as I'd love to own an Italian-made designer suit, it's completely out of my price range! In addition, the smaller sizes are almost never on sale. *sigh* Judging by the pictures, the blazer appears looser on me than before. I just tried it on again and it is definitely less fitted! My weight hasn't changed, so I'm not sure why? As for the sushi at Haru Sushi and Roll Cafe, I believe the pictures below speak for themselves, don't you think so?

Yellowtail Carpaccio with Jalapeno

Fatty tuna (toro) sashimi

The Incredible Roll with seared salmon and tuna

Albacore Onion Mix

Japanese Sweet Pumpkin

Darn, now I'm craving sushi!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A quest for a perfect coat

Still on the quest for an affordable (under $200 USD) winter coat, I recently stopped by my local Theory outlet store. Unfortunately, there weren't any petite or 00 sizes left. I was told by a sales associate there is an outerwear sale happening today, so I might have to drop by this weekend in case there are any new arrivals from a newer collection. I did stumble across the anorie riding blazer:

Blazer: Theory Anorie, size 0 ($99)

Overall, I liked the fabric (Broadway) and style. It's fully lined, and almost looks like a "boyfriend" blazer, but it is marketed as a riding coat. It's not exactly a "winter coat", but since it doesn't get that cold in California, so it could work for fall and spring. I secretly like the Light Heather color, as it's a bit more casual, so it can be thrown over more casual outfits. However, since I have short legs, I look even shorter with it on! The shoulders are way too big, so alterations would be very costly. Total alterations might be up to $100 from my favorite tailor, and I'm not "in love" with this blazer, so it was a definite pass.

After lunch at an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant, we popped in a nearby mall and shopped around. I came across two coats and another blazer. I hope everyone does not mind the fact that I am looking away (to the right) in some of the pictures! I'm always self-conscious and worried that I may look "cross-eyed" to some, especially since my eyes are close-set. ^^;;

Coat: H&M long coat size 2 ($59.95)

Overall, this long coat is a nice fit. I'm a huge fan of black coats, since they're a bit more dress than their khaki counterparts. It's fully lined with a gorgeous white lining with navy blue flowers. The shoulders fit nicely, but the sleeves are a bit loose. Since I have thicker arms, wearing a thick sweater underneath will fit comfortably, but it may be too big for some of my fellow petites. The overall length is nice, as it hits above the knee. However, I do not like the pleated hem, as it was too wide for my taste. The cinched waist is also a bit too high; it hits at a point slightly above my natural waistline (smallest part of my waist). It's not high enough to be considered a empire waist. I loved the angled pockets on each side. However, I passed on this because I saw another trench with a lower waist.

Coat: H&M Trench size 2 ($59.95)

The waist hits at the best point on this khaki trench, but the length hits right at the kneecap. A simple alteration can fix this, but my biggest concern was how wide the actual coat is. The shoulders are too wide and the the waist is not fitted - it's a bit boxy, and the double-breasted style makes my body look more flat and boxy than it already is! I've come to the conclusion that I cannot pull off the "double-breasted" style. However, that won't stop me from lemming a Burberry Trench on the future... (with free alterations from a Burberry boutique, I've heard!). I'm considering dropping by H&M again, perhaps to gives the black coat another chance!

Blazer: Banana Republic Lightweight Wool Blazer, size 00p ($198)

The fit in the shoulders is almost identical to my Theory Gabe blazer. However, the sleeves are slightly longer, and the actual coat is very wide. Before alterations, my Gabe blazer was too wide, but still slim-cut. This BR blazer looked boxy right off the rack and would require taking more in on the sides. In addition, the body of the blazer is too short for my taste; since I have a longer torso, I would prefer the blazer maybe an inch or two longer. At this price point, I could get another Theory blazer at the outlet. It's nice to see Banana Republic offering "true" petite sizing, even if only in certain pieces.

Since I didn't find any clothes that I liked enough to buy (yes, I'm really picky!), I settled on a pair of shoes:

Pumps: Nine West "Ambitious" in tan suede, size 6M ($39.99)

For $40, they're a steal! I believe they're also on a 30% discount as of right now. With a 4" stacked heel, they're very comfortable, but I cannot vouch for lengthy walks. All my pumps are peep-toes, so these are a nice addition, especially since they have just the right amount of toe cleavage. I considered the Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps, but they are at least 4x the price, and women who worked at Ann Taylor were super snobby, unhelpful, and never came back from searching for a pair in my size.

Shell: Ann Taylor LOFT, size XXSP

Currently, LOFT does not offer this exact magenta(?) shell, which I tried on a little while back before I started my blog. I would love to pair this shell with a black or gray pencil skirt, but I'm still on a quest to find one I like enough to keep and/or alter. As much as I LOVE the color and style, the fabric felt paper-thin and very sheer! I prefer not to wear an undershirt or camisole underneath, and the armholes were too wide. This is the only LOFT top I'm willing to post a picture of, as all the others were too ill-fitting that I'm ashamed to show any of them! Fortunately I deleted those snapshots. ;P Ann Taylor & AT LOFT, I guess it's just not meant to be...

Oh, and look what happened to my H&M shirt:

I'm sad that I spent $25 on a button down blouse that I only wore for approximately three weeks (2x a week) and I've only washed [gently] thrice! While trying to put on the shirt, I gently tugged it and it ripped! The blouse is a bit stretchy, so I am shocked. :-( Should I buy another one? *sigh* Should I write off buying the black H&M coat ($60 is a steal!), as there is the possibility that it may fall apart? What are your plans for the weekend?

Thanks for reading!
♥, Christina

Eyes: Lancome Floralesque on lid, MAC Mulch in crease and outer corner, MAC Femme-fi on browbone, MAC Fluidline in blacktrack
Cheeks: MAC Peachykeen, Rock & Republic Tease, and Stila 01 Bronzing Powder to contour

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and a Quick Update

First off - Happy New Year, everyone! What a joyous occasion it is to spend the new year (especially since it's a weekend!) with family and loved ones. 2010 had its ups and downs, but 2011 allows us to start anew; perhaps vanity sizing may wane or petite sizing may flourish? A [petite] woman can only dream. ;) More posts to come, especially since my workplace is less than a mile away from our local mall!

I had the pleasure of meeting a couple bloggers this past week - all of whom I might add are as "chibi" as I am. In addition to our age-guessing, height comparisons, and lingerie discussions, talking to these lovely ladies at eye-level made me feel like I was of "average" or "normal" stature. For once in my life, I didn't have to look up at adults, or look down at "shorter" children. I felt so confident and comfortable around such a beautiful group of women. Many thanks to everyone in the petite community for inspiring me to create a blog. Many of you may have already visited their blogs regarding our meetup, but here it is again!

Photo courtesy of Kelly from Alterations Needed. Next time I will definitely bring my camera!

As for my new years resolutions, I've come up with a few:
  • I hope to fully transform my wardrobe by investing in comfortable clothes and shoes as well as classic pieces to coordinate. This requires more saving!
  • Exercise daily - rain or shine, I will prevail! No more excuses!
  • Fix my sleeping schedule - Too many naps and not enough nightly shut-eye (6-8 consecutive hours of sleep).

What are your new years resolutions? And let me conclude this post with:
"With our wardrobes combined, we can take over the [petite] fashion industry/world!"

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Love and Hate Relationship with H&M

Today I braved the post-Christmas rush at our local mall, and let me say that I'm glad I quit retail a long time ago! I stopped by Express, Forever 21, H&M, Macy's, Nordstrom's, and Sephora. After trying on countless garments as well as a perfume and body cream testers, I was only able to narrow them all down to one purchase - a black H&M belt with a buckle. Since I'm very petite with curvy hips and a small waist, finding a fitted belt has been tough. Below is my purchase:

Approximate measurements:
  • Total length: 32.5 inches
  • Smallest hole setting: 22.75 inches
  • Largest hole setting: 30.5"
  • Each hole distance: 1 inch
As you can see, this belt is very petite friendly, especially for those of us with smaller waists.

I also tried on the smallest knee-length skirt I could find. I know that Jean from Extra Petite discusses how fitted H&M size 2 skirts are. Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck, and most of the smaller sizes were raided. Here's the fit on me. And yes, those are salonpas (plasters?) on my legs.

Verdict: I prefer fitted skirts that sit at my belly button or higher, and hit right above the knee. I like that the there's a zipper in the back, but I would need to hem the length as well. The slight ruffly fabric is quite nice though. It's not itchy, and has a bit of stretch to it. Even when this skirt sits at my lower waist (hip bone), there's too much waist gap, to the point where I can fit at least one fist at the elastic waist. I would need to take in the hips as well, since it's a little too loose for my liking. This is great for petites who are a bit larger than me in the waist, hips, and butt.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Greetings and Vanity Sizing

Hello everyone! My name is Christina and I'm here to discuss the issues I've faced due to my petite stature due to vanity sizing. I once worked in retail at my local mall a few years ago. I loved dressing up in casual business wear, since Express (formerly owned by The Limited Brand) had great discounts at the time, and the quality of the clothes were nice. I usually bought tops from them because I was never able to fit any of their bottoms. A belt was my best friend, while loose tops and ill-fitted blazers masked whatever curves I have on my petite frame.

Over the past few years, I've been struggling to find quality goods that fit. From department stores and retail chains to smaller boutiques, I was usually sized out because my size was either not offered or didn't fit like they used to. I missed walking into a store, trying something on, and buying it. Nowadays I'm grabbing 10+ items in the same size, and I would be lucky enough to actually fit one of them. I've been sized out of Express for the past two years, so I've turned my back on them. Plus, their quality and value has diminished. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I shop at Abercrombie & Fitch Kids because most of their clothes look childish. I do like the clothes from H&M, but even their smallest size varies in proportions, and the quality can be a hit or miss. I've been unsuccessful at Forever 21, but their sizing proportions are way worse. I used to own some clothes from F21 in high school that fit, but wouldn't last after a year of washing and wearing.

I've stumbled upon various petite blogs and forums created by petites, for petites. I've been stalking them for a while now, and they've been of great help to me! I'm still developing my own fashion style as well as learning how to dress in a way that flatters my body shape/type. I'd love to move away from my average t-shirt and jeans look, as I've been mistaken as a high school student one too many times. Thanks for reading, as I hope to update you guys with more posts soon! I can't guarantee the quality of pictures since I've been addicted to taking selcas and random photogs with my trusty iPhone! Merry Christmas everyone!

Jaa mata~