The word "chibi" is a Japanese word signifying a little or small person. It's occasional use in Japanese animation and graphic novels implies the image of a youthful and cute person. As for the "chic" part, this blog is dedicated to developing my own sense of style.

I'm your average graphic-tee-and-jeans-wearing girl, sporting sandals three out of four seasons every year. Pair that with my child-like face, as I'm often mistaken as under-aged, and you've got a fashionably challenged adult assumed as having the body of a little boy.

My average measurements are:
  • Height - 5 feet
  • Weight - 90 pounds
  • BWH - 30/24/32
  • Inseam - 27 inches
  • Shoes - 6 to 6.5, as I have wide feet

I hope to use this blog as a way to share my difficulties, findings, and tips with other women in the petite community. I also enjoy applying and wearing makeup, which has helped me appear a bit more my age. Look forward to my outfits (OOTD} and face makeup (FOTD)!